Spectro-EC Kit for Fluorescence Analysis

MF-SPEC-ECKIT-3: Spectro-EC Kit for Fluorescence Analysis

The MF-SPEC-ECKIT-3 is a highly customized Spectro-EC kit for Fluorescence based applications. It is equipped with our newly launched AvaSpec-ULS2048x64TEC-EVO spectrometer which is an updated version with improved electronics and cooling. The back-thinned detector is equipped to provide a high level of sensitivity in the UV and IR regions. The kit is equipped with AvaLight-HPLED light source to produce continuous or pulsed spectral output at different wavelengths. It also has an SMA-905 connector to connect fiber optics and come with a 5V/1.6A power supply. A specially designed direct attach fluorescence cuvette holder is used in the kit where excitation and emission signals are oriented at perpendicular 90° angle to each other. Some information upfront is needed from the user on the excitation wavelength that is needed for the measurement.

Technical Brochure: Spectroscopy Configurations for Fluorescence Applications

Included: The kit is fully equipped with deuterium-halogen and tungsten halogen light sources, optical bench, a sync cable, set of fiber optics cables to synchronize the output from two different spectrometers in UV-Vis and NIR region, a cuvette holder with lid for dark-light subtraction, and more.

Potentiostat Compatibility: MF-SPEC-ECKIT-3 is compatible with any of the PalmSens Potentiostats / Galvanostats with auxiliary port options as PalmSens 4, EmStat4X and MultiPalmSens 4 series.

How to Order: Simply select any of the Potentiostat / Galvanostat from the compatible options above and add the following two items to the order. You are ready to conduct plug-n-play Vis-NIR region Spectro-EC Analysis from day one.

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Complete Spectro-EC Kit for fluorescence based Spectro-EC (200-1100 nm); Resolution - 4.15 nm

Includes - AvaSpec-HSC1024x58TEC-EVO, Useable range 190-1100 nm: Spectral range 910 nm AvaLight-HPLED-xxx, Interface cable AvaSpec-USB2, Fiber cable, 600 μm UV/IR broadband fiber (200-2500 nm), Fluorescence direct attach Cuvette Holder


Spectro-EC Extension Module to Avantes.

Includes: CBL-AUX-AVAN - Connector Cable to connect a PalmSens Potentiostat to an Avantes spectrometer, Spectro-EC Cell with wires soldered to the electrodes.

Cell Specifications:8 mm × 6.5 mm × 1 mm

Features: Shaped like a cuvette, surrounded by light. Made of full quartz melt with PTFE lid.

Application: Suitable for electrochemical testing in the process of in situ UV – visible spectroscopy, fluorescence spectroscopy and other spectral signal response.

SPECTRO-EC CELL KIT OPTIONS: Batch flow type Spectro-EC Cell options are available below. Each Spectro-EC cell kit includes a Pt / gold mini-grid, a thin layer quartz glass cell, a teflon lid with holes, a purging tube, and platinum counter electrode.

  • EF-1350: Spectro-EC cell kit with Pt mini-grid (1 mm path length)
  • EF-1362: Spectro-EC cell kit with Pt mini-grid (0.5 mm path length)
  • EF-1351: Spectro-EC cell kit with Au mini-grid (1 mm path length)
  • EF-1363: Spectro-EC cell kit with Au mini-grid (0.5 mm path length)

ADVANCED OPTIONS: More advanced flow-based Spectro-EC Cell kits are also available from the options below. Please contact us to add more customization options in advanced accessory option.

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RX-A-MM-SPEC-EFC1  Optical fiber Spectro-electrochemical flow cell setup, SMA 905, 1.75 ml, Magnetic Mount, Aqueous Electrolytes
RX-A-MM-SPEC-EFC7 Spectro-electrochemical flow cell setup with reduced optical path, 4mm path, 0.7 ml 

Technical Information:

Spectrometers: AvaSpec-ULS2048CL-EVO

Light Source: AvaLight-HPLED

Fluorescence Cuvette Holder: CUV-FL-UV-VIS

Technical Specification Sheet

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