BASi® Vetronics

BASi is no longer selling the instruments and consumables for our Vetronics product line as the Vetronics division was closed as of June 29, 2018. We want to thank our loyal customers and we hope you’ve enjoyed the value and reliability of the instruments for the nearly twenty years that BASi has offered them.

Below is a list of vendors whom you can order your consumables moving forward. 

Vendor List

BASi Part Number Item Vendor Vendor Part Number
VT-0001 Signa spray Cardiology Shop 18-25
VT-1200 BP cuff #1 Medline MDS9751
VT-1201 BP cuff #2 Medline MDS9752V
VT-1202 BP cuff #3 Medline MDS9753V
VT-1203 BP cuff #4 Medline MDS9754V
VT-1204 BP cuff #5 Medline MDS9755V
VT-6000 ETCO2 sensor Respironics 1015928
VT-6300 Copper ECG clips Digikey 314-1088-ND
VT-6301 Mini clips Newark Electronics 07WX5994, 07WX5999
VT-6304 Limb plate electrodes Vetronics Services n/a
VT-8100 Temp probe * Please note the vendor requires a minimum of 100 pieces* Measurement Specialties 2.2K3D36
VT-8151 MED respiration sensor Med Eng & Development BIOMED1
VT-8160 SPO2 lingual clips Nonin Medical 2000SL
VT-8165 SPO2 transflectance sensor Nonin Medical 2000T
VT-8180 ETCO2 small reusable adapter Respironics 7053-01
VT-8181 ETCO2 large reusable adapter Respironics 7007-01
VT-8190 ETCO2 small disposal adapter Respironics 6312-00
VT-8191 ETCO2 large disposable adapter Respironics 6063-00
VT-9500 9 pin serial cable Cables To Go 2711
VT-9505 USP to serial adapter Newark Electronics 14N9613
VT-9510 SPO2 extension cable Nonin Medical UNI-EXT-3
VT-9515 9 pin serial cable 18 in Cables To Go 11396
VT-9580 ECG patient cable Conmed VT-9580
VR-4000 SAV inlet gas connector Qosina 55120
VR-4001 Vent cuff 15mm/22mm female Qosina 51283
VR-4002 Vent adapter 22mmx15mm Qosina 52215
VR-5000 Corrugated tubing Global Med T15006INNN53