BASi Culex® Embrace Automation












Over time, many formerly manual processes evolved into automated processes—from basic pipetting to intricate high-throughput screening.  It is time to embrace automation for your in vivo studies. BASi offers an all-inclusive program featuring our new benchtop BASi Raturn™ and Culex® NxT Automated Blood Sampling system, most commonly used for pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic studies in fully conscious, freely-moving animals.  This system also has the flexibility to generate multiple streams of data simultaneously, thus refining your animal studies and reducing satellite groups.  Laboratories that enter our program will be provided with the following items for 30 days:

  • Table-top BASi Raturn™ and Culex® NxT Automated Blood Sampling system
  • Consumables to run studies
  • Catheterized animals
  • Training and support       


The BASi Culex® automated sampling platform can facilitate collection of blood, bile, metabolites, dialysates and more from awake and freely moving animals as small as mice and as large as swine.


For more information regarding this program please send an email to or call Shelly Carballo 765-418-4384.