Culex® Automated Blood Sampling System

The BASi Culex® Automated In Vivo Sampling System was developed by BASi to collect pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamics data from rats, mice, and other small rodents. The BASi Culex automatically collects blood, bile, urine, feces, dialysates, and more — all from awake and freely-moving animals. The Culex is a powerful, flexible instrument that will allow you to collect multiple types of data from individual animals, reducing animal stress, improving technician productivity and increasing throughput. Use the Empis® Automated Dosing accessory to interface with the blood collection unit, and automate your entire experiment from start to finish. We offer many options for configuring your BASi Culex. Choose a single-workstation "benchtop" frame, a single station rolling cart, or a rolling cart that accommodates up to four workstations to house up to four animals at once. A variety of cages are also available, suitable for everything from microdialysis to metabolic collections. Automated dosing accessories, additional fraction collectors, or software additions may be purchased along with a basic BASi Culex, or added on later. No matter what your research or the needs of your lab, we can help you choose the BASi Culex System that is right for you.