Microdialysis Probes

The design of microdialysis probes typically falls into two basic categories, linear and pin (or “concentric”). Pin style probes have a membrane located at the distal end of a supporting cannula.  They are most often used for brain microdialysis, though can also be used for vascular and other implants.  The linear style probe is a membrane imbedded within a length of small diameter tubing.  It is usually used for other tissue implants including subcutaneous, dermal, adipose, muscle, intraperitoneal, liver, lung, etc.  When you use BASi® brain microdialysis probes and guides, you will need a Probe Clamp to fit to your existing stereotaxic frame.

”BR” style Brain Microdialysis Probes

”IBR” Combination Brain Microdialysis and Infusion probes

“BR” Intracerebral Guide Cannulae

“MBR” style Brain Microdialysis Probes

“MBR” Intracerebral Guide Cannulae

Intracerebral Infusion cannulae

Linear Microdialysis Probes

Loop Microdialysis Probes

Vascular Microdialysis Probes


Custom: Intracerebral, Other