BASi UniSwitch Syringe Selector

Maintain a constant flow rate with no disruption during your long term experiments. The Liquid Switch makes it easy to quickly toggle from one syringe to the next without introducing air bubbles or affecting flow of perfusion fluid.

  • Change a syringe during microdialysis or other perfusion experiments without breaking connections, interrupting flow, or introducing air bubbles into the system (bubbles can lodge in the membrane and impede analyte recovery)
  • Connect up to three independent syringes to one liquid switch
  • The three position switch is easy to align to the syringe of your choice
  • Easy to identify switch position detent


  • Perfuse with one solution and change to another solution without stopping flow.
  • Extend perfusion beyond the limit imposed by the syringe volume. Begin perfusion in one syringe and switch over to another as the first syringe empties (requires independent pumps at same flow, i.e. the BASi Bee with Hive).
  • Perfuse with smaller, more accurate syringe then switch to larger volume syringe to flush system.

The UniSwitch in Action: This illustrates flow from each of three syringes. The center cannula on the left always goes to the probe. The other cannulae can be directed to waste.


Cannulae 316 Stainless Steel
Inlet Cannula 2.92 µL
Outlet Cannula 1.58 µL
Dead Volume 0 µL (The UniSwitch is a zero-crossover device with no unswept volume.)
Action Hand-turned stainless steel lever.
Positions 3 positions: 1 per syringe
Accessories Includes 2 meters of FEP tubing and 12 flanged tubing connectors
Dimensions 9.4 x 5.1 x 8.7 cm (L x W x H)

Ordering Information

MD-1508 UniSwitch® Liquid Switch Syringe Selector
MD-1510 Tubing Connectors
MF-5164 FEP, Teflon Tubing, Clear (0.65 mm OD x 0.12 mm ID), 1 meter
MF-5366 PEEK Tubing, Tan Colored (0.65 mm OD x 0.12 mm ID), 1 meter
MD-1511 PEEK Tubing, Blue Colored (0.65 mm OD x 0.12 mm ID), 1 meter