Culex/Raturn Stackable Polycarbonate Cage Kit

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Cage washer-safe polycarbonate
Easy-access side door facilitates animal dosing
Easy lift-off access panel “pins” onto the cage
For blood collection, microdialysis and other studies
Fits all Raturn systems, including BASi’s Rodent Workstation four Animal Station Cart
Raturn compatible Cage Lid and externally mounted water tube included
Stacks for easy storage
Cage Dimensions: height 13in (~33cm), diameter of cage floor (estimated with bedding) 10.75in (~27cm), door opening 9.5in (~24cm)

Kit includes:
CX-1305 Stackable polycarbonate cage
CX-1306 Stackable polycarbonate cage lid
CX-5000 Autoclavable polycarbonate plastic water tube w/SS sipper

Category: Culex

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