Training Workshop

BASi® Culex® Workshops

BASi® Culex® workshops are designed to provide a practical introduction to the BASi Culex ® system. These one day seminars cover both the theoretical and practical aspects of automated sampling, including data collection, techniques and applications, ethical considerations, and new developments in the field. Various lecture topics are presented in the morning session, followed by a practical demonstration of the instrumentation, and afternoon surgical demonstrations.

Lecture Topics

Lecture topics vary, but may include:

  • Fundamentals of Automated Sampling
    An introduction to automation, including automated sampling and dosing, metabolite collection, effects of automation of pharmacokinetic data, and the advantages of automation.
  • Ethics and the 3 R’s
    Covers automated sampling from the laboratory animal technician’s perspective. Topics include stress reduction, data refinement and reductions in animal use.
  • Applications for Microdialysis
    The basic theory of microdialysis is presented, along with various applications for the technique, both alone and in combination with blood sampling. The practical advantages and limitations of the technique are discussed.
  • Applications for Bile Sampling
    Covers the uses for sampling bile, and the advantages of automating collection, both from a scientific as well as an animal care point of view.
  • Expanding Sampling into Novel Species
    Covers sampling in species beyond the rat, including the mouse, the pig, and other large animals. Covers the advantages and challenges involved in sampling from various species.
  • Integrative Pharmacology
    Discusses the possibilities of acquiring multiple types of data during a single experiment. The topic is covered both from a scientific and an animal care point of view. Examples include blood and dialysate, ECG, blood pressure and blood, temperature and behavior, etc.
  • New Techniques and Applications
    New advances in the field of automated sampling are discussed. Topics will vary depending on the interest of the participants, but may include topics such small volume sampling and dried blood spot sampling.

Laboratory Demonstrations

Instrumentation demonstrations are conducted on both a Raturn based BASi Culex ® and a swivel based system. Automated blood sampling and automated dosing are demonstrated, as well as software interfaces. Additional techniques may also be demonstrated, including mouse sampling, microdialysis, and large animal sampling.

Microsurgery demonstrations vary with the interest of the participants, but may include:

  • Jugular and carotid cannulation in the mouse
  • Portal vein and gastric cannulation in the rat
  • Bile duct and duodenal cannulation in the rat
  • Liver or muscle microdialysis implant in the rat
  • Femoral artery cannulation in the rat

NOTE: Generally, the microsurgery portion of the course is demonstration only. In certain rare cases, we may be able to offer hands on participation in this section of the course.

Registration and Schedule

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