Packaging Your Instrument for Shipping to BASi®

Don't Ignore Proper Packaging!

Neither UPS, FedEx nor BASi® covers damage in transit due to insufficient packaging. Some instruments absolutely require specialized packaging. If you've already discarded our wooden crate, or tossed out the boxes and inserts that the products arrived in, don't despair! BASi can send you the necessary shipping packaging. Specific instructions for these crated items can be found on this page. There will be a fee for the packaging and the shipping cost. If the packaging material itself is lost or destroyed while at your facility and before you return it to us, we will also charge a replacement fee.

Please Select Specific Product for Instructions Below:

Chemical/Biological Hazard Precautions

Please be responsible! If an instrument has been exposed to a potential biological hazard, (pathogenic viruses, bacteria, fungi) it should be thoroughly wiped down with a 10% solution of freshly diluted household bleach (Sodium hypochlorite), followed by water. Chemical hazards (including mercury, salts, acids, strong bases, etc.) should be flushed out and removed. Take appropriate steps to insure that fluid does not drain out during shipping and contact electronic or mechanical components. We are not equipped to handle instruments which may contain a radiation hazard. Unless precluded by the instrument's malfunction, any instrument returned, which has not been cleaned, may be shipped back unserviced, at the customer's expense. If a potential hazard exists, and an instrument's condition prohibits such cleaning, please include a statement clearly describing the potential hazard.

All items returned to the BASi® factory must have a completed and signed Decontamination Certificate. The certificate should be placed in an envelope inside of the box. Please print and complete this form for each instrument or part to be returned. Prior to shipment please email your Decontamination Certificate to  If a Decontamination Certificate is not included with your return a $95.00 fee will be applicable. 

If your product is not shown on the list above, then please follow these general instructions for packaging items for return to BASi®.

  1. When preparing your shipping label please don't forget the RMA NUMBER!
  2. Prepare an itemized packing list to include all items being returned and referencing the RMA#. Place one copy inside the box, one copy affixed to the outside of the box and retain a copy for your records.
  3. Remove power cords and cables and do not send them back unless instructed to do so by BASi® Service.
  4. If you are asked to return a cord or cable, please use lab tape to identify it as yours.
  5. Loose covers or trays should be secured or packed separately to avoid movement.
  6. Place instrument in a clean plastic bag and seal the bag securely.
  7. Wrap the bagged instrument in bubble wrap on all sides.
  8. Avoid the use of styrofoam peanuts. Particles and dust from this material can create static charge which can damage circuit boards or contaminate valves.
  9. Use a corrugated box of sufficient strength and size for the weight and size of the product and which meets the carrier's requirements.
  10. The instrument should not be able to shift position within the box. Add additional bubble wrap to fill any spaces around, above or below the device before sealing the box.
  11. Include a short description of your problem, what you have done to try to correct the problem, and a data example, if possible.
  12. Insure your equipment for the current replacement value. Please consult our pricelists on this website for current pricing.

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