Tech Notes

BASi® Tech Notes cover a variety of topics related to electroanalytical chemistry, liquid chromatography, bioanalysis, and in vivo sampling. The Tech Notes may demonstrate the feasibility of a particular assay, point out critical steps in sample preparation or perhaps elaborate on technique. They are not intended to be complete, GLP-validated assays with many replicates over multiple days by independent operators. Instead, they were developed to provide useful guidelines which can be developed further according to the requirements of the end user.

Electrochemistry Tech Notes

  • 1014 - Low Current Measurements with EC Epsilon Electrochemistry Instrument
  • 1015 - Determination of Cr(VI) in Natural and Waste Waters Using Differential Pulse Polarography: U.S. EPA (SW-846 Method 7198)
  • 1016 - The Effect of Chloride on Corrosion
  • 1017 - Analysis of As(III) by Anodic Stripping Voltammetry
  • 1018 - Lead in Lake Water: Using the Controlled Growth Mercury Electrode (CGME) and Gold Electrode with Differential Pulse Stripping Voltammetry (DPSV)
  • 1019 - Rhenium Electrochemistry

Liquid Chromatography Tech Notes

  • 1002 - Microbore Options for Dopamine Analysis with Serotonin
  • 1004 - Determination of Purines in Microdialysates Using UniJet SepStik Columns
  • 1005 - Determination Of Catecholamines In Rat Brain Microdialysates Without Interference From Excessive Metabolite Concentrations
  • 1006 - Determination of Morphine in Microdialysates Using UniJet SepStik Microbore Columns
  • 1008 - Determination of Dopamine in Microdialysates Without Interference From Excessive DOPAC and 5-HIAA Concentrations
  • 1009 - Determination of Serotonin in Rat Brain Microdialysate Using a UniJet SepStik Microbore Column and Radial-Flow Cell
  • 1010 - Determination of Apraclonidine in Microdialysates from Eye Vitreous Humor by Microbore LCEC
  • 1011 - Histamine in Rat Microdialysates by Liquid Chromatography / Electrochemical Detection

Microdialysis Tech Notes

  • 1001 - Microdialysate Microbore Analysis of Catecholamine and Metabolites
  • 1003 - Implantation of Subcutaneous UF or MD Probes in Rodents
  • 1007 - Monitoring Glucose in Diabetic Mice with the In Vivo Ultrafiltration Diabetes Research Tool
  • 1012 - Glucose Tolerance Test using Ultrafiltration Sampling and the Rodent Workstation
  • 1013 - Molecular Weight Cut-off of BASi® Microdialysis Probes