Issues Vol. 17 No. 1

Homocysteine Determination in Plasma (36k)
Recent studies suggesting a link between homocysteine levels and heart disease show the need for a reliable method of determining homocysteine in plasma. Bruce P. Solomon and Chester T. Duda describe a new kit based on LCEC for collecting definitive data in larger populations.

Extra-Column Band Spreading Concerns in Post-Column Photolysis Reactors for Microbore Liquid Chromatography (82k)
Arlen D. Kaufman and Peter T. Kissinger investigate band spreading as a function of flow rate in order to determine the optimal tubing geometry to utilize as a post-column reactor for microbore liquid chromatography.

Atomic Resolution Microscopy at the Solid-Liquid Interface (254k)
S.M. Lindsay reviews the applications and mechanics of scanning tunneling and atomic force microscopes, which produce atomic-scale images of processes at the solid-liquid interface.

Electrochemical Methods for the Determination of Glucose (77k)
Adrian W. Bott discusses glucose determination by pulsed amperometric detection and enzyme-based sensor methods.