Culex® Large Animal

The Large Animal version of the BASi Culex® System is ideally suited for large animal models, including swine and primates.

  • Adaptable to a home cage where the subject can remain secure and comfortable
  • No slings or restraints necessary
  • Fluid replacement at each sampling time point
  • An uncomplicated system with user-friendly software


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  • ​Includes: Culex-L automated sampler, sample collector, stand and software
  • Please specifiy North American or European Power Cords when ordering
  • Measurements, power, communication
  • Up to four systems can be controlled from a single computer
  • Upgrades


Mesurements: 16.5” wide x 15” deep x 21.5” tall

Computer requirements:  Windows XP or later. USB port required (up to four stations per computer with USB hub)

Max sample volume:  1.75mL
Sample storage temperature: 4°C