Surgical Drill, Trephines, Drill Bits, Acrylic and Bone Wax

The Surgical Drill is a precision instrument that accepts a multitude of drill bits with standard dental burr shanks. The control box is easy to read and the lightweight, balanced hand-piece is easy to control.

  • Precision instrument for drilling holes in bone
  • Accessory for stereotaxic surgery
  • Smooth and quiet operation with variable speed selection
  • Hands-free on/off control with foot pedal
  • Straight hand-piece design, lightweight and balanced
  • Accepts 2.3 mm shank tap drills, trephines and dental burrs
  • Lever-chuck for rapid replacement of drill bits
  • Compatiable Trephines, drill bits and other accessories (acrylic & bone wax ) are available

Surgical Drill, Trephines & Drill Bits

Microdialysis probes or intracerebral guides should be mounted through a clean, straight-edged hole in the skull. For rats, a trephine is the recommended cutting tool. The skull does not shatter and no bone shards are deposited on underlying brain tissue. It cuts a 1.8 mm circle. For the more fragile mouse skull, we suggest the smaller MD-1360 bone drills, which drill a 1.2 mm hole. Both the trephine and the MD-1360 shank is 2.35 mm (3/32”). Either a powered drill such as the surgical drill above can be used with the MD-1360 and MF-5362 bone drills.  The surgical drill is compatible with all standard drill bits.

Bone Screws, & Dental Cement permit secure mounting of guide cannulae. MF-5362 Bone Drills should be used to drill the hole for both the MF-5182 and MD-1310 bone screws; they drill a 0.8 mm hole. The shank is 2.35 mm (3/32”)


 MF-5360  High Speed Surgical Drill Set 120VAC, 50/60 Hz
 MF-5360F High Speed Surgical Drill Set 220-240 VAC, 50 Hz


 MF-5361  Surgical Drill Accessories Kit
 MF-5362  Bone Drills, 5/pkg
 MF-5363  Screwdriver Set for Bone Anchor Screws
 MF-5182  SS bone screws (for rats)
 MF-5176  Trephine bone drill bits for rat guide cannulae
 MD-1300  Dental acrylic cement
 MR-5309  Bone wax (1 ea, 2.5 g)

For surgical implantation of BR style probes, we recommend:

 MF-5176  Trephine bone drill bits for rat guide cannulae
 MF-5362  Bone Drills, 5/pkg 
 MF-5182  SS bone screws (for rats)
 MD-1300  Dental acrylic cement

For surgical implantation of MBR style probes we recommend:

 MF-5362  Bone Drills, 5/pkg
 MD-1360  Bone Drill for MBR Guide Cannulas and Probes
 MD-1310  Stainless Steel Self-Tapping Bone Screw for mice (50/pkg)
 MD-1300  Dental acrylic cement


A= 1.954mm
B= 0.960mm
A= 1.892mm
B= 1.163mm