Analyte Species Matrix Anticoagulant Instrument Aliquot Volume LLOQ-ULOQ Storage Temperature Status
6B-hydroxycortisol and Cortisol Human Urine N/A LC-MS/MS 100 µl 10-2000 ng/mL -20 °C Not Active
Analyte 6B-hydroxycortisol and Cortisol
Species Human
Matrix Urine
Anticoagulant N/A
Instrument LC-MS/MS
Aliquot Volume 100 µl
LLOQ-ULOQ 10-2000 ng/mL
Storage Temperature -20 °C
Status Not Active

Tags: cortisol metabolite biomarker steroid cytochrome p450-3A4

Example in Scientific Literature

BASi Method Number SAP.163

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