LC Epsilon Updates and Upgrades

LC Epsilon based Electrochemical Detector Package

e5-xxxxxx See price list for details.

Once you have selected your method of payment you will need to configure the epsilon Detector for your particular application. Using the price list select one, two, or four channels. You will then need to select the appropriate flow cell to match your initial channel selection. You may also add various options such as an injection valve, column temperature control, and columns. ChromGraph data reduction and control software is included with the LC epsilon Detector.


The LC Epsilon is available as a 1-channel, 2-channel, or 4-channel electrochemical detector. A lower channel version can be initially purchased and easily be upgraded to add additional channels later. The upgrades are described below. Please note that the W2-W4 cell lead must be purchased separately.

Upgrade Ordering Information

EW-4912 LC epsilon upgrade - 1 channel to 2 electrochemical detector channels - Requires 4 channel cell lead (EW-8111) This upgrade consists of another circuit board that must be inserted into the epsilon.*
EW-4911 epsilon LC upgrade - 2 channels to 4 channels - Requires 4 channel working electrode This upgrade consists of another circuit board that must be inserted into the epsilon. If you are utilizing all four channels for electrochemical detection you will also need an electrochemical cell package that supports four channel detection.*
EW-8111 Cable, epsilon cell lead W2-W4

*Contact BASi - A Return Authorization Number is required