BR-2 (2 mm membrane) Brain Microdialysis Probes 6/box

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BR-2, 2mm membrane
Cannula: Coated fused silica
Probe Volume: 2.1 to 2.3 µL
Membrane: PAN. 30KDa MWCO, 320µm OD
Membrane: OD 320µm/ID 220µm
Probe Cannula Diameter: OD 510µm/ID 360µm
Probe Cannula Length: 15 MM
Probe Cannula Length when in BASi® guide cannula: 10 MM
Head Diameter: OD 6.4mm
Tubing Inlet/Outlet: OD 635µm/ID 254µm

Use with optional BR intracerebral guide cannula, or mount directly on skull using acrylic cement. Commonly used for rats, hamsters, and guinea pigs. Non-metallic, can be used for NMR imaging.

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Sterilization available upon request

Category: Microdialysis

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